Our history

The granola revolution by Karine and François

We were so fed up with seeing a range of bland and characterless mueslis and cereals full of sugar, additives or super processed that we said to ourselves that it was time to bring some good, very good, and from fun in a department to bogus marketing claims and empty promises. I roll up my sleeves and launch Miam République with François in 2019 with the ambition of reconciling gluttony and dietetics. Offering you authentic, eco-responsible products, in complete transparency (see the inside of our packages!). A promise kept with our range of sweet and savory granolas.

Miam République is the answer to your breakfasts, your snacks, your cravings at any time, which you want strong in terms of taste experience. Nothing but high quality raw materials. Miam République takes you into the realm of exceptional granolas, into an aromatic world where the delight of the taste buds springs from the crunch of buckwheat, almond, and the natural sweetness of dried fruits. Without any refined sugar or additives. With us, you discover all the power of delicately roasted seeds without losing an ounce of nutritional quality. Step by step, we have concocted exceptional recipes. We promise you a product of great finesse with precise flavors and a guilty indulgence. Our secret, we share it with you today. Healthy, nutritious and virtuous recipes for you, for us and for the Planet. Welcome to Miam République.